According to FOX NEWS the latest Rasmussen Poll on Climate Change has 94% of the folks thinking that climate scientists have rigged the data.  Rasmussen Polling has a reputation of being among the most accurate by some pundits.  (I have always been suspicious of their data during election time particularly) and now it seems my fears may be justified.  How do you trust a poll that the totals add up to 120% of those being polled??

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  1. Jon M Barker Says:

    It’s clear that groups involved in the climate sham are, at the very least, skewing data so they can get in on the funding gravy train. I’ve always been suspicious of the attempts to thwart natchural phenomena change. The old adage that “if it’s good, it must be a sin” is to easy to swallow.
    The emails and inter communications between these types has shown their politically motivated.
    There were no gas stations for the first ice age!!

    • thegreytiger Says:

      As I said Mike, the warming part may be the most insignificant part of the problem. There is also a strange little tick in the graph I provided that seems to show that temp has leveled offf but co2 concentration is still rising and that has not happened before. the stolen emails don’t prove shit and you know that. Did they tailor there data to flop it more to their side , of course they did and so does the other side which leaves you and I to know the truth is in the middle.Bob

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