But of course for all the wrong reasons. AND PAUL KRUGMAN IS WITH THEM .  CAP AND TRADE is bullshit legislation and here’s why The same woman who invented Credit Default Swaps (Blythe Masters) is at the head of JP Morgan’s carbon trading division and we all know what a booming success CDS’s are.  Did you like the price of oil at $140 a barrel , you’ll love what CDS’s will do for you electric bill and you can bet your butt Smart Meters will play a major part.  Just for a minute consider that the biggest problem utility companies have is how they will meet peak power requirements, and the immediate answer is they will have to use existing dirty coal plants to fill the gap.  Guess where CDS’s will be playing, yep, peak market needs .

Once again I must ask you a very simple question.  “Why in the hell would you want to allow a plant with dirty stacks to operate simply because they can buy a Carbon Trade from say a Wind Power Plant and who do you think is going to pay for the cost of that trade?”  Got a mirror handy??

To sum up, CAP and Trade is just another pyramid scheme, nothing more and nothing less.  Tell your Congressman to kill this legislation.  Think I’m wrong, show me how I am  in the comment section.

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