And therefore manufacture doubt about the subject.  The link provides a history of the Manufactured Doubt industry and sites examples of some of their most successful projects.  ( think cigarette smoking and asbestos).  Both of which I personally have experienced and had a heart bypass at 50 from my own 3 pack a day habit.  I have lost many Navy friends with lung cancers caused by asbestos exposure while in the Navy.  The bitch of these projects is they knew they were twisting data to make huge sums of money for themselves and the companies they worked for.   While killing how many people?

This post is a backup to my post on Climate Change and I ask you to do a simple task. In the provided link is a list of who is paying for the Climate Change disinformation program and ask you a simple question. In all other cases you doubt you follow the money .  Why won’t you do it for the debate???

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