I could show you a picture of a Dodo bird that proves birds can’t fly, and a picture of shell fish that proves that fish can’t swim and of course you would agree with me.  Just like a majority now believe Climate change is a hoax.  One , probably rigged report from stolen emails (by the Russians no less) and a lot of you sheeple jump right on it and believe it…Never mind your lying eyes!  You can see the glaciers melting, and the arctic ice disappearing and evidence that there has been a minor sea level change.  Not much talk about the more obvious changes taking place in the world such as the ocean PH changing from CO2 absorbtion, or the chemical pollution of our water by Chinese coal fired plants.   You probably don’t want to remember when we had an acid rain problem in the east caused by coal fired plants int the west (we made them clean their stacks) and the problem was diminished greatly.  So you’d rather believe a rigged Russian email plot than believe your own eyes.   Whatever floats your boat.

I believe we are experiencing Climate Change and the historical evidence shows that we have been down this road before more than once.  So why should we think we are not going to see it again.  The problem seems to be for me that you don’t want to have the finger pointed at you.  OK , fine, nobody has to be at fault , it might just be mother nature (who can be a real bitch at times) doing her thing.  You however cannot just wave off the harmful effects of the rest of the crap we throw into the air, we have seen the effects in our time and we have seen some of them being brought back to health (think east coast rivers) that have been improved in recent times of the raw pollutants we were throwing into them.  We haven’t learned a damn thing apparently , as we clean up past bad deeds we created new ones.  For example the  male bass in the Potomac river now carry eggs, they think this is caused by hormones that we discharge from sewage plants that don’t remove things like hormones, cholesterol drugs, anti depressant etc from the water.

So what do we do?  we know all this but we put forth plans and some are working now that put this water into our aquifers where these chemicals grow in strength as we dump ever increasing loads of this stuff.

My point is, we live on an ever changing world, and to believe the huge increase in the people load on the planet is not having an effect on the planet is to be dumber than a rock. 

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