Finally someone has written a milder description of the future we face instead of “OH MY GOD WERE ALL GOING TO DIE TOMORROW”  he actually says the changes will be gradual (if were lucky) instead of Big Bang like.  The part that most of us already know is that there is damn little being done about it and instead we keep focusing on the growth model for the whole world.  His new revision to  GEO DESTINIES  will be out soon in which he will address the slow decline of available natural resources and how we can stumble through it to survival.

CHINA WILL NOT BE THE NEXT BIG DOG ON THE BLOCK! You read it here first.  I have come to the conclusion that China has already seen it day in the sun and it is downhill for them now.  Lots of factors enter into this call but I will focus here on just the internal problems they have with resources.  They have a huge water problem and being in drought doesn’t help .  A lot of their water is undrinkable and most of their rivers are dead (no life forms)  and they run so heavy with silt that new dams have a useful life of 30 years.  Their air is next to unbreathable now and they are putting into service 1 coal-fired power plant a week with no pollution control on the stacks.  They are already closing factories by the score and their export numbers have fallen by 25% and will fall more as economic problems deteriorate.   They depend on imported oil (and we know where that is going) they are already buying their own car production and storing them in huge lots.  The US is their biggest customer with our economy being 8 times the size of theirs, as we enter the next depression their exports will tank, creating huge social problems for them as people are put out of work, driven back to the countryside where life will be very hard.  They will have little time for becoming a world power they will be battling to keep their selves in power.

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