As you have seen on this blog before one bubble pretty much look like the other, problem is this “BUBBLE IS US” and yes if you have read the so called doom and gloomers lie the “Peak Oil”  or any other peak they predict the die off will leave an earths population somewhere between 2/3 billion to 1 and 1/2 billion left on the planet.  This graph shows you what that growth looks like.  It’s peak is around 2065 and they are kind enough to not show you the decline.  But you get the picture.  There is some hope I suppose in the evidence that the EU for instance birthrate is approaching replacement value and reaches into China and India too.  As of late you have seen prediction after prediction about food shortages, water shortage, in short , shortages of just about everything and yet the naysayers continue to say the graphs are all lies.   So put your money where you like the graphs and then if your of mind pray.  That leaves nut jobs like me in a world of trouble not believing in God and believing in the worst case scenario graphs.  Pray for me,  ooops I forgot you don’t pray either.

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