A new economic voice to me that I heard on the Thom Harman show last night.  Max is an expat living in France.His views are definitely not main stream .  I was fasinated that his description of where all the Fed magic money went and what was done with it was exactly the same as mine. I have heard no one say that the money was slipped to the banks and they thru speacilits and market makers that they own some of are the pump behind the rising stock markets.  They are according to Max taking out 100 million bucks a day in profit doing what is called advanced ticker trading.  So now I’m pretty sure my thoughts that the 5 trillion went into the market thru the back door blowing another bubble.  I don’t have to tell you what happens to bubbles.  POP

Here’s the link to Max’s Site where there are very intersting Audio interviews with folks you may know. Ellen Brown of Web of  Debt fame is one of them along with Mish Shedlock.

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