Sound familiar, rings like the ole Free Market jargon of the Chicago School of Economics, you know the great success you are living thru right now and may be stuck surviving in for another decade.  I believe the Chicago School Education plan will be as successful as their economic plan.

Here are the  basics of the plan as analyzed on the ground.

Let’s start with a single school.  The Chicago plan comes into an underperforming school, fires everybody from the principle to the cooks.  The example school had 23 teachers only 3 of them were rehired the others got  a year to find new jobs on the system or they were done.  Didn’t matter how many years they had taught, or how well they had done (measured by some mythical standard) they were done at that school. Now what the hell a janitor of a cook had to do with academic performance is beyond me , didn’t matter they were gone too.

They hired 17 teachers from a private education company most with no classroom experience and ran their classrooms with what they had been taught.  They claim to have increased the test scores by 10% , not a difficult task if you have hired teachers who have to taught to teach to the test.

The big picture is even bloodier.  In the Mid South district they closed 20 of 22 schools, notified the parents on the last day of the school year that their school was closing and their kids would be reassigned to new schools.  These were mostly neighborhood schools the kids could walk to , true they probably were not the best schools in the land , but could have been fixed a lot easier than closing them.  Had the money spent been put to the old schools the results would have probably been better. This is Chicago folks and were talking the poor parts , full of gangs and territories , violence and crime.  Now the kids are reassigned to new schools blocks and blocks away and they have to navigate dangerous streets with gangs guarding their territories.  The whole community was in a turmoil but there was little they could do about it.

The problem is Arne Duncan Obama’s Sec. of Education was the administrator of this system and now they are throwing tons of money into making all the districts like their beloved Chicago.  Their system is composed of private companies running the schools , training the teachers and installing their own warped sense of what should be taught and how.

I’ll be the first to admit that the schools need fixing, but not this kind of fix.  Most teachers I know can tell you what has to be done and it’s nothing like their program.  In fact my opinion is the problems are already caused by people just like Arne who march to a drum we don’t know who’s beating.

There’s much more I can rave on about but I ask you to read the linked report it explains it better than I can and I will freely admit a pre conceived notion of what’s wrong. One of my son’s is a teacher (and a damn good one) (I told you I was prejudiced)  and I have many hours on the podium in the Navy myself so I know what teaching is about.

I will leave you with the one point of their plan that burns my ass big time.  Their system of merit pay absolutely sucks. Imagine  you are teaching , let’s say math and you get assigned to the lowest performers in the school and you get compared to the teacher who has the college placement kids.  A simple question “HOW DO YOU COMPARITIVELY  GRADE THESE TWO TEACHERS”?  Knowing full well that the person or person who will do the grading has spent little time in the classroom and this will determine the teachers pay or tenure.  What a great incentive to do well.  Get the ole test out and teach to Son of a Bitch and survive.  That’s the way to survive , unfortunately it’s NOT the way to turn out kids who can think.

Oh yeah , I forgot Arne loves Military type schools, with uniforms and all. What a way to train Cannon Fodder!

a lot of his schools are Charter schools where you are not allowed to belong to a union and only 50 % if the teachers have to be certified.  Big improvement -NOT

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