Army suicides are at an all time high and the brass can’t understand why.  Now what do you think that proves.

Here are 3 Army statements on the subject 1 and 2 and 1 that says they are lying anyway on the numbers, surprise , surprise.

They are on top of it , they have let a 5 year 50,000,000 contract to find out why the troops are offing them selves.

Damn I could save them a lot of money just read the bullet points  below and you’ll know why. I have listened to and read many, many reports from the troops themselves relating life in the sand box.  Here are the reasons they say the problems are so immense.

  1. Repeated 15 month tours with a year in between rotations and 3 months of that are spent retraining.  So out of a two year period you many be home 9 months.  My longest patrol was 127 days and before that I use to say I could stay at sea till the food ran out, I was full of it.  I never experienced that kind of loneliness before in the middle of 120 other sailors putting around under the North Sea.  I can not imagine how long 15 months is and their communications are pretty limited. Some of these guys are on their 4th and 5th deployment.  No stress there for young men a lot with young wives and children.
  2. Up to half the deployed forces are Reserves, weekend warriors as we use to be referred to, longest damn weekend the reserves in these wars ever saw.  The stress and strain of combat along with the family tensions piled on top of the financial troubles the loss of pay, loss of job, loss maybe of house because they upped the payment and now you can’t afford it.  There you are in the middle of  god forsaken sand box doing exactly what you are not sure.
  3. As many as 30 % of returning soldiers suffer from mental problems, from PTSD, to brain concussions from bombs going off near or under them.  No hope of getting out anytime soon facing repeated tours to Iraq or Afghanistan to hear their leaders say we don’t have a defined mission.
  4. Watching their buddies blown up or shot by folks they were shaking hands with yesterday and knowing their turn might be tomorrow.  The stress of driving or walking the same routes day after day , getting shot at or blown up for 15 months at a time( for 550 straight days ) has to take a mental toll on you.
  5. Returning to find out you have lost your wife, your children, your house and any real reason to live , suicide might look like the only solution.
  6. To finally realize you were sent to fight the war in Iran by a pack of lies and all your leaders from the top down knew it.

8. To know you are part of a government that tortures prisoners grates on your mind even if you really do hate the guys you are fighting you know that torture is wrong and that you may be more likely to get tortured if you were to be captured.
9. Your on a battle field drenched with Depleted Uranium dust from bombs and shells that do horrible things to you and in some cases your wives and children, and your government says there is no evidence that the weapons are dangerous.

The Chain of Commands answer is a five year study, give me a break , if they are really that dumb maybe they should find a new job.  Lot of history of the incompetence of our leaders it’s time to hold them accountable.




  1. Heidi Says:

    Thanks for putting it so clearly.

    15 months at a time! and four and five tours!!

    They are being mentally tortured. The rich who send them would not stand for this if it were their children.

    It is amazing how many soldiers do hold it together.

  2. Jon M Barker Says:


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