Damn it, I hate when my guts end up being right and it trumps all these learned idiots that say things you know in your heart are not true.   Case in point is “THE INFORMATION AGE”, you remember when they started outsourcing our manufacturing jobs taking away middle class incomes, retirements , health care , you know the security blanket we all wrapped ourselves in.  They said we were going to a new age where all these people would earn higher incomes, go to work in business suits , college educate our children, you know all the things we were doing with our jobs building cars etc.

We meekly retrained for new information jobs , actually got to work for a while in them and then they outsourced those too.  Even the boring, mundane office jobs, keeping books, tech reps, customer service jobs started to be outsourced.  Computer programmers, equipment designers, no job was safe.  The hell of it is the places they outsourced too are now being outsourced. GLOBALIZATION IS SIMPLY A RACE TO THE BOTTOM FOR WAGE EARNERS WORLDWIDE.

One  more point before moving on.  Parts of the information age were good for us.  Having the internet in our homes gave us the power to know a lot of things we never would have had access before the net.  I’m sure there must be more , but it’s a lot easier to name the bad stuff.


Two recent stories tell of a change in thinking and a renewed interest of students to make things. The PTB (powers that be) have suddenly realized they made a huge mistake (few will admit it) in thinking we could have an economy without manufacturing.  We can’t and if they didn’t know this they should have.  Now that they have devastated our work force , from the President down they are talking about a return to manufacturing.  Too bad that in moving to a financial based economy most of the training for manufacturing has disappeared along with the factories.  All is not lost, there are still a lot of folks out there who can still do their old jobs and train the  new work force.

We will return to manufacturing our own stuff and soon, but it will be driven by outside sources beyond our control.  Think Peak everything and just the price of oil will make it more profitable to build it here.

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