THE NEW DEAL FOR THE RICH-with cuts to social programs to come next year

FDR had his New Deal and it put millions back to work building  various infrastructure programs , most of which we still use today.  Californian’s still uses the dams and waterworks created by his programs.

Obama has his new deal but it wasn’t to help the working man.  His programs went straight to the financial crooks that got us in this mess.  The TARP money is all they will fess up to too, the Trillions more they say is none of our business.  Wonder why the stock market is on a rampage up (think bubble)  if you throw enough money at anything the price will rise.  Earnings sure haven’t went up for anybody but the banks (ya know they fudged the books) so why is the market up.  You can see where a lot of it came from, look at the banks cash reserve funds , up about like the money they won’t tell us what they did with.

Now the word on the street is that next year they will be out to reduce the deficit by cutting Social Programs.  This deficit reduction is the same mistake Roosevelt made in response to the deficit hawks and Obama is about to make the same mistake.  The major difference is that the programs of Roosevelt  had reduced unemployment , while today the numbers unemployed keep going up and are predicted to continue going up thru 2010 at least.

Get this straight we are not in recovery, we got a bounce in GDP thru CASH FOR CLUNKERS, AND FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS, but that’s all their is folks, their is not a recovery and won’t be till we create jobs, and I don’t mean flunky ole Walmart type jobs, I mean bule collar jobs that make things and pay good middle class wages.

I had great hope for President Obama that started to dim from the selection of his economic team, his Sec. of Education, and others.  It has been down hill from there.  Back door deals with Drug companies in lieu of putting negotiation back in to the Medicare program, no leadership guiding the Health Care bill thru congress.  It would sure appear from the looks of the Senate bill that many more deals were struck that are not in our favour.

I currently think the President Obama will be a one term president.  He could still pull some magic but I don’t think he has much time.  If the stock market falters and any  of the danger points strikes then it all over and we go deeper into Depression.  We are already in one but it could get worse , much worse. So the time is now to start looking for 535 replacents and a President, problem with that is , NO NAMES COME TO MIND.

OK THEIRS ONE,  ELIZABETH WARREN, OR SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS, OR DENNIS KUCINICH .  I respect these 3 way to much to stick them with the job.



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One Comment on “THE NEW DEAL FOR THE RICH-with cuts to social programs to come next year”

  1. Junior Says:

    I vote for the Grey Tiger!

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