Mike Whitney calls  out  Ex Fed Governor Mishkin’s really, really stupid statement on bubbles.  There are good bubbles and bad bubbles, the housing bubble was bad, our current pumped up stock market (with Fed money) is a good bubble.  I have said before , want to know where it will crash to, just look at the graph of whatever your looking at and whatever the long term results per year over time and extend the line to the time your looking at and you’ll know where the crash will take you.

Parrots must be cheap, I think I’ll buy a few and maybe an eye patch to go with it.  They march these experts out and they parrot stuff that we all know is junk.   This Mishkin fellow obviously doesn’t know that we can see through his nonsense to the real economy.  We know that unemployment is 22%, we know that house values are down on average about 50%, we know that wages are falling, we know that jobs are leaving the country, we know that health care is becoming unaffordable, we know were fighting two illegal wars at the cost of trillions of bucks, we know that state after state  is going broke, we know our reperesentives are bought and paid for , we know the super rich and the corporations are acting together to drive us into serfdom.

So please ignore all this bally hoo about the recovery is here.  It’s not , and I’m sorry to say the worst is yet to come.

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One Comment on “BLAH-BLAH-BLAH-BOOM”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Very well said.

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