Our Constitution guarantees our Freedom of Speech, but no where does it give us  the right to be stupid.  The Westboro Baptist Church picketed the school where the Obama girls go to school today, packing really hateful signs.  “GOD IS YOUR ENEMY”  one sign screamed.  I want you to remember that this is the same outfit that picketed the funerals of gays throughout the country, making a mockery of a solemn ceremony.  They even were so insensitive as to picket the funeral of a gay soldier who had given his life to protect their sorry asses.  Let me tell you straight up, had that been my son their would have been some dead Baptist to bury.  These pricks claim to follow Christ, wouldn’t you give a zillion dollars to be Christ on the day these dudes show up at the pearly gates.  What a delicious thumbs down that would be.  They would have to go to a depth lower than hell. You couldn’t throw them to the lions , lions don’t eat shit!

AND FINALLY A GOOD USE OF TWITTER .  David Shuster (MSNBC) jumped them on Twitter for their actions.


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