WELL JUST WHO IN THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO BLAME FOR THIS FINANCIAL MELTDOWN.  This posted on the George Washington Blog today , one of my favorite blogs.  Today they went over the line in my judgement.  Some would like to blame the FED and they were a contributor, other Federal agencies had the power to reign in Wall Street but hell Free Market Capitalism was the game of the day.  Everyone was singing the praise of the success of the Capitalist scheme of things.  Take off or ignore all the rules,  concoct new vehicles that the institutions creating them knew they were time bombs just waiting to blow up.  So if the rules of a Free Market Capitalist system (no rules at all) blows up , who are we going to blame?  I know let’s blame the poor smucks that bought into this stupid scheme.  Who are these stupid smucks?  why just about every investment manager is the world.  SO WHO DO I BLAME, THOSE RESPONSIBLE , WHY CAPITALISM OF COURSE , ALONG WITH ALL THE BANKS, HEDGE FUNDS, CORPORATIONS WHO OUTSOURCED JOBS, CORPORATIONS WHO STOLE PENSION FUNDS, YOU KNOW THE WHOLE DAMN CAPITALIST  SYSTEM..

The question asked by GW was name a better system.  I can tell you this much it ain’t the Austrian School, it ain’t the Libertarian School, in ain’t the conservative school so what’s left.  Giving it a name might be the biggest mistake a person could make. Let’s just  say we are going to manage our economy to the benefit of the people not Wall Street and not the corporations.

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