Dennis Kucinich and I are on the same page on the House Heath Care bill, he voted no and so  would I.  This link explains why he was against this bill.  Primarily the reason for a no vote is that bill leaves the insurance company profit centers in tack and infact mandates that more people kneel at their alter.  I truly would rather see no bill than this one.

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One Comment on “NOT ONLY NO, BUT HELL NO”

  1. Jon M Barker Says:

    I think The Government as an entity is incapable of successfully running anything complex. The answers arn’t in taking profit out of medical business. If that were the case then the place to start is with compensation to all aspects of the endeavor.
    Doctors and healthcare workers are over paid. Drug remuneration is excessive. The whole business subject to human self concern. Supply and demand is way out of whack..
    I doubt there’s a “one size all” resolution anywhere. If you can’t live with profit and loss, your in the wrong section of the universe.

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