This must be the week of the attack on the overweight people in the good ole US.  My post the other day about the Pentagon saying 75% of 17 to 24 year olds are unfit for military service , 35 % of them for having a BMI over 25.  I complained that BMI is another formula (like Wall Street Formula) that is totally misleading. HERE’S THE LINK TO A PDF OF BELOW CHART IN LIVING COLOR. This list will show that damn near every roll  model we present to the kids to follow is according to the BMI overweight.

Seems to me grown ups can never be happy, when I was very young they threw my butt in the hospital because I was too skinny.  As I recall they strapped me down and stuck needles in my veins and pumped sugar water into me for 10 days to fatten me up.  Needless to say it didn’t work, all it took was 30 or years or so and my weight would have made them happy.

Let’s attack the reasons kids are overweight.  First and foremost in my book (and you won’t see this mentioned anywhere else) (because they are chicken to do so)  .  Nobody is home to supervise the little darlings when they get home and prepare and serve meals that might be healthy.  Since the 70’s when declining wages and jobs drove the homemakers into the work force to make ends meet there was nobody at home to take care of business.  As parents we know how reliable kids are when it comes to doing what’s best for them.  I had that demonstrated a few times by one of my kids.  As far as that goes when I was a kid working at the corner store I ate so many Twinkies and drank Yohoo soda and good ole sugar coke I should have been dead at 18 according to some.  Now I’m not blaming this on women,  but you would have to agree it’s some bodies job and now there’s nobody there to do it , everything is rushed into the few hours you have between work and sleep.  In the beginning of all this women got the short end of the stick, they got a 9 to 5 job and the homework too.  Such a deal , they tell me that  men have finally been trained to share the burden.  Tell me girls is that true??

On top of all that everything a kid does today is inside some organization, be it baseball, soccer , ballet, piano lessons , martial arts, you get the picture.  So dear ole Mom generally gets to rush home from work, pick up the kids and their gear and rush to the playing field.  So now it’s time to eat, well hell we’ll just stop at Big Mac’s on the way home pick up a Super Sized burger, a huge order of fries and top it off with a 55 gallon soda. Then it’s off to 4 hours of homework (and probably another monster coke or two to stay awake) and then to bed. Over and over again.  I guess I should be thankful that at least some are doing physical stuff , else they would probably weigh a ton.  Then we adults get to bad mouth them for being fat.  (not many of which have looked at themselves in the mirror lately)

Now we get to go to the average sit down restaurant. The plate they set before virtually everywhere is bigger than an NFL linemen (avg BMI 36) could eat.  People are funny (and kids even funnier) they try to eat what’s put in front of them and a study shows that the test group did not detect that the plate was doubled, they just ate the whole thing.( which in my day Mom always said clean your plate) (I was really good at it too) Even when you order the Senior size it’s way more than I can eat and I’m no slouch when it comes to eating.

This is a perfect example of the Free Market theory, we as parents all know better than to feed our kids that way, but we do , because it’s a big competition to see which joint serves the biggest plate.  Even good ole Kentucky Fried came out with a new sandwhich(THE DOUBLE DOWN) recently , the bread was two pieces of deep friend chicken , with the usual (today) of tons of cheese, bacon, a couple of old shoes and whatever else they could throw on it and called it a healthy sandwhich.  The KFC sandwhich is a perfect place for Sen Joe Wilson to scream (YOU LIE)..  MORE LIKE OTHER ESTIMATES OF 1280 Calories and 31 g’s of fat.  Gotta stay competitive you know (good ole Free Market ) competition ,the other competitors are in the 1000 to 1200 calorie class, add that to a big order of fries and a 64 ounce sugar loaded soda and you have your whole days eaten done in record time.  Just what we need another time saver.

We could do ourselves and our kids a favour by cracking down on these servings by doing it ourselves.  If you want fast food buy a good pocket knife go buy that super sized raft and cut it up in front of them 3, 4 or 5 ways and watch how fast they lower the size.  I would suggest quit blaming the kids, we are the guilty ones.


Men’s Body Composition – Sort on % Fat
Developed by Jim Grizzell – MBA MA Certified Health Education Specialist –
Group                                         Weight Height                   % Fat                    BMI       Lean BMI
Sedentary, 59-75 yr olds                                                      172          69.2             29.7%                    25.3         17.8     MSSE, v27, n5, p776
Sedentary, 61-68 yr olds                                                      180          69.3             28.6%                    26.4         18.9     MSSE, v24, n7, p832
Average, 66-74 yr olds                                                        170          67.0             25.8%                    26.7         19.8     MSSE, v31, n8, p1182
Football, NFL Offensive Linesmen & Tight Ends                                 299          76.4             24.7%                    36.0         27.1     JSCR, v12, n3 p146
Sedentary for >/=2 years, 29-39 yr old,                                       185          70.5             24.0%                    26.2         19.9     MSSE, v26, n4, p515
VO2max=25 ml/kg/min, LOW FIT 25 yr old                                        180          70.3             23.7%                    25.6         19.5     MSSE, v30, n10, p1521
BEFORE strength training, 1hr 4d/wk 12 wks, 19-29                             174          70.5             21.8%                    24.7         19.3     MSSE, v29, n5, p706
Football, NFL Defensive Linemen                                               279          75.6             20.3%                    34.4         27.4     JSCR, v12, n3 p146
Physical activity, LOW LEVEL 25 yr old                                        190          70.0             19.7%                    27.3         21.9     MSSE, v30, n10, p1521
Physically activity, MEDIUM LEVEL, 25 yr old                                  187          72.8             18.7%                    24.9         20.2     MSSE, v30, n10, p1521
AFTER strength training, 1hr 4d/wk 12wks, 19-29                               174          70.5             18.7%                    24.7         20.1     MSSE, v29, n5, p706
VO2max=34ml/kg/min, MEDIUM FIT, 25 yr old                                     177          73.9             18.5%                    22.9         18.6     MSSE, v30, n10, p1521
BEFORE Running training 30min 3xWk 2 mo, 21-23 yr olds                        140          65.3             18.1%                    23.1         18.9     JSCR, v2, n3, p46
Sedentary, 22-23                                                              185          70.1             17.9%                    26.5         21.8     JSCR, v8, n4,p251
Physical activity HIGH, 25 yr old                                             184          71.9             17.4%                    25.1         20.8     MSSE, v30, n10, p1521
Sedentary, 23-29 yr olds, <30min/d & <2d/wk                                   168          70.1             17.3%                    24.1         20.0     MSSE, v24, n7, p832
AFTER running training 30min 3xWk 2 mo, 21-23 yr olds                         138          65.3             17.1%                    22.8         18.9     JSCR, v2, n3, p46
Football, NFL Linebackers                                                     249          73.5             15.3%                    32.4         27.5     JSCR, v12, n3 p146
Olympic Weight Lifters, Competitive, 20 yr old                                188          67.7             14.7%                    28.9         24.6     JSCR, v13, n1,p58
VO2max=44 ml/kg/min, PE Activity class students, 20-26                        184          70.1             14.7%                    26.3         22.4     MSSE, v29, n3, p416
Ballet dancers, 16-21 yr old                                                  144          68.8             14.5%                    21.4         18.3     MSSE, v23, n5, p528
Strength tng; >3yr, 5sets; 5-10reps, 3-4d/wk; 23-25                           197          69.8             14.4%                    28.5         24.4     JSCR, v8, n4,p251
BEFORE starvation diet, 20-39                                                 153          70.5             14.0%                    21.7         18.7     AJCN, v52,p953
VO2max=45ml/kg/min, HIGH FIT, 25 yr old                                       183          69.8             13.1%                    26.5         23.0     MSSE, v30, n10, p1521
Rodeo, Ropers, 21-23                                                          165          69.9             13.1%                    23.9         20.7     JSCR, v7, n1, p22
PROTEIN ENERGY MALNUTRITION, 20-39                                            137          70.5             13.0%                    19.5         16.9     AJCN, v52,p953
Football, NFL Offensive Backs & Wide Receivers                                210          70.8             12.6%                    29.5         25.8     JSCR, v12, n3 p146
Football, college                                                             200          71.9             11.9%                    27.2         24.0     JSCR, v3, n4, p101
AFTER 12 wks starvation diet – 50% of required, 20-39                         127          70.5             11.0%                    17.9         16.0     AJCN, v52,p953
Football, NFL Defensive Backs                                                 206          73.1             10.7%                    27.2         24.3     JSCR, v12, n3 p146
Swimmers, ~34 mi/wk, 19-21                                                    163          71.6             10.4%                    22.4         20.1     JSCR, v4, n2, p31
Basketball Players NBA                                                        189          74.0             10.3%                    24.3         21.8     reference not available
Strength training, 4 mo-4 yr experience, 23-35                                171          70.0             10.0%                    24.5         22.1     JSCR, v4, n2,p48
Run ~30mi/wk or cycle 5 hr/wk, 22-30 yr olds                                  153          70.5              9.7%                    21.7         19.6     MSSE, v24, n7, p832
Triathletes; 11mi/wk s, 44 mi/wk c, 28 mi/wk r; 19-21                         163          72.0              9.5%                    22.1         20.0     JSCR, v4, n2, p31
Pro Baseball, 20-27                                                           199          70.6              8.9%                    28.2         25.7     JSCR, v6, n34, p207
Runners, ~63mi/wk, 16-22                                                      135          70.3              6.4%                    19.3         18.1     JSCR, v4, n2, p31
AFTER 24 wks starvation diet – 50% of required, 20-39                         116          70.5              6.0%                    16.5         15.5     AJCN, v52,p953
Body Builders, competitive, 22-33 yr old                                      189          70.4              5.9%                    26.9         25.3     JSCR, v3, n3, p37
Cycling elite mtn bike, 25-33 yr old                                          157          69.3              5.8%                    23.1         21.7     MSSE, v29, n8, p1090
Cycling elite road bike, 20-26 yr old                                         160          71.7              4.7%                    21.9         20.9     MSSE, v29, n8, p1090
High and Medium Risk Groups have Red Text                                        2 or 3 measures at high and medium risk
College Students are in Light Blue Cells
Percent Body Fat (high risk)                                     <3% or >19.9%
Percent Body Fat (medium risk)                                        >16 – </=19.9
Body Mass Index (BMI) (high risk)                                                                 <19 or >/=30
Body Mass Index (medium risk)                                                                 >/=25 – </=29.9
Lean Body Mass Index (BMI) (high risk)                                                                                  </=17
Lean Body Mass Index (BMI) (medium risk)                                                                                  >17 – </=18
Percent Body Fat (healthy range)                                           3% – 16%
Body Mass Index (BMI) (healthy range)                                                                    19 – <25
Lean Body Mass Index (BMI) (healthy range)                                                                                    >18

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