Unaccountable Elite – I DIDN’T DO IT!

Oh crap , yes I did.  So I will take the blame for the evil doings mentioned in this POST.

30 differently than he saw.

The actions of the 5 presidents mentioned plus all the financial crooked dealing of the last 30 years , how could he expect them to act differently.  The kids just have to look around. They see coal companies blowing off the top of mountains to get to coal and destroying every living thing near them.  They see their brothers and sisters going to two wars that they know are bullshit, and coming home either dead, maimed , or mentally ill with talk of even sending more troops to the slaughter.

They see their parents lose their jobs, lose their retirement , lose their dignity all in the name of globalization .  They know that’s bullshit and they know it probably will be worse for them. We dumb them down in our school systems by cutting stuff out of their books they should know.  We removed  from the curriculum history, social studies, civics , you know all the stuff they need to make better decisions of what’s right.  They have to go to TV shows to get real news (John Stewart and Stepehen Colbert) are their Walter Cronkite.

Trust me, it ain’t their fault ,BECAUSE YOU AND I DID IT TO THEM!

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