In recent months we have seen the power of a single individual in congress stomp their little feet and get their way.  Olympia Snow during the health care debate forced Dirty Harry to remove most of the progressive features of the bill.  Then there was ole Senator Joe of Conn. who saw all the attention MS. Snow got and started throwing hissy fits if he didn’t get the attention he so desperately wanted.  At least these two were sort of in the news every night but:

Here’s one that you never heard about.  Senator Coburn has put a personal anonymous hold on a Veterans bill and this is not the first time.  This bill is a compromise to get around his objections to the first two bills and he’s still blocking it.  Here’s the Vets side of the story.

To hide in the closet (I’m beginning to think there a lot of republicans in the closet) (think Larry Craig) on any legislation should not be allowed . yeah I know it’s legal, but it shouldn’t be.  What ever happened to “BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE”  and in this case the republican slogan (and that’s all it ever has been) “SUPPORT THE TROOPS”  .  Sure looks like this Senator is supporting them and their dependants. All we can hope for is that Coburn never decides to support the troops , God knows what would happen.


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