According to the Wall Street Journal the reason job growth is stalled for small business is the fear of uncertainty of their future costs of things like health care, tax cuts, climate change, regulations .  Basically all the things they have been screwing us out of for the past 30 years.

They reluctantly admit that the recession that started 22 months ago might have something to do with the lack of job growth.  I would suppose then it has nothing to do with the high rate of small business failures happening right now, it has nothing to do with the banks sitting on huge piles of money they aren’t lending , (the pile they are saving to cover their asses for the junk that is on their books) , it doesn’t have anything to do with retail sales being in the tank, or nothing to do with us consumers being tapped out, or with credit lines being dumped, or cards being at their limits, and absolutely nothing to do with a 22% jobless rate, the median wage being less than 50K and falling, it has nothing to do healthcare costs going thru the roof.

Wanna experience a little uncertainty , trying working for wages about now.  Your  concerns are focused on, will I have  job tomorrow, will they cancel my health care tomorrow, will they raise the health care premiums so I can’t afford care for my family, will I have a roof over my head tomorrow, will I have food to eat tomorrow, will the bastards steal my retirement tomorrow, will they ship my job overseas tomorrow, will the bank raise my interest rates tomorrow, will they cancel my credit card tomorrow, will my bank exist tomorrow?  You know all the crap that counts.

The Wall Street Journal has sunk to the level of every other source Murdock runs.  A propaganda machine for the right wing business interests of the world.  Have fun now Rupert, I think your day in the sun is about to end . POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

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