So far this year the Israel’s have threatened 26.5 million people with nuclear annihilation.  First Iran with 25 million people and now Gaza with about 1.5 million people.  In the latter case they are armed with pea shooters so of course Israel jumps  to the end use weapon.  If there ever was a clue that some nations should not have nukes here’s the perfect example.  You can only ride the loss of 6 million of your religion so far and this in my opinion is way over the top.

In their haste to nuke their foes they full well know that they will start WWIII and they don’t care obviously. It’s like playing Russian roulette with six rounds in the gun, you only get to pull the trigger once and then your  ass is dead, and in this case maybe a lot of the rest of us with them.  It’s for damn sure Israel would not exist soon after unleashing the firey hell.

I don’t care how many nukes they have nor do I care how many subs they have at sea with at least two nukes aimed at the capitals of their enemies they will cease to exist after the holocaust .  This time a holocaust they will have started.  It’s time to rein in these crazy bastards , pull all the funds, , and throw the ace on the table , we will not come to their defense.  Make this bed and you lay in it alone.



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One Comment on “NEVER AGAIN MY ASS!”

  1. Larry J Says:

    A clear case of stupidty plus.
    They would also have to hope the wind doesn’t change direction, or blow at all for quite a while, otherwise they also suffer.
    I have never been able to figure out why anyone would go to such lengths to protect the right to live in the god forsaken land anyway.

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