A true sign the banks are in serious trouble and are trying to make bucks any way they can.   In the last few months the credit cards I have (all are zeroed out at the end of each month)  that use to cost me nothing to use on routine purchases didn’t have any fees attached to their use in that fashion, all that has changed lately.  Some banks have lowered the limits on cards , canceled accounts with little or no usage, raised interest rates, charging interest for the monthly transactions,  huge transfer costs from one account to another in overdraft situations, and now they are going to try charging a fee for having no balance at the end of the month.

They have hooked us into using the credit card as cash for our daily transactions, and relied on the big money they received from the companies for each transaction (big bucks) .  Well as described above they are raking in money from every source they can think of.

Now then I would suggest it’s time to find a new way of doing business.  For local stuff we can go back to cash , or checks, and so far most ATM transactions are free, and there is always bill pay on the net to handle monthly traffic.  My family does a lot of buying on the net (think Amazon) and that is where a majority of the card transactions occur.  There is also Pay Pal for a lot of net sites.

So it’s time to start shopping for banks that don’t charge fees for everything.  When you find as I did a local bank , where they know your name and face,  and will probably charge you half the rate of the big banks and be much more willing to assist you when you need help.  When you find this bank , cancel and cards from the biggies, and tell them why you are doing it.  They might just get the idea they have stepped over your line.  No reason to stay with these guys , my guess is that by this time next year they won’t be in business.

It’s damned insulting when you see every day the bonus bucks these arrogant bastards are dishing out while sticking it to you and me and worse yet to those already on the ropes.  So I’m hoping you’ll stick it to them.  I know , I know it’s a pain in the ass to change all those accounts you have set for God knows what ( that’s one advantage of doing it) you’ll find some things you don’t even remember signing up for , and for sure you don’t remember what card you put it on.  I have always been of fan of all this electronic banking, but I’m starting  to think up an alternate way of doing business.  The hard part is trying to figure out are you going to be ahead of the game money wise or are you just going to stick it to them for spite.  I CHOOSE SPITE!

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