All my lady friends are going to scream at me “YOU SEXIST PIG” In this  case “GUILTY AS CHARGED”.

They are once again considering putting women on submarines, a truly , truly bad idea.  Not that I don’t like women mind ya, and the worst smelling woman smells better than the best smelling man.  On a sub smells  do matter , trust me.

In this article they make the usual arguments for and against putting women on subs.  Some are pretty silly, some are valid, and the important ones are not even talked about. The usual arguments are cramped quarters , few showers and toilets and damn little privacy.  They bring up sexual harassment problems and you will have them even if you order them not too.  I was in submarines in the 50’s and 60’s when racial problems surfaced and yeah even on subs.  I myself was the target of a discrimination complaint against someone who worked for me in my duty section. It was a little strange because he was a 1st class and I was 2nd class.  He was navy wise senior to me, but in subs in you are not qualified in the boat you ain’t shit.  He wasn’t therefore he worked for me.  He didn’t want to work past 1600 but the standard work day on a fast attack was work till you drop.  He took me to the captain, but other brothers came to my defense and it all went away.

So with women on board the sexual harassment thing could cause a problem the same way as explained above and a lot of other ways too.  I doubt you really understand just how long 77 days under water can be and you must remember that the average age on a boat then and today is 23, at the peak of human wants.

On a boat your life is dependent on every other sailor onboard and the chance of tensions among the crew either way are a danger to the boat and every life onboard. The argument of “We are professionals” while true don’t do a damn thing about hormones.

Now don’t go running off at the mouth that I don’t think women can do the job, Oh hell yes they could and just as well as any man. In fact give them a boat of their own would just me fine with me.  In fact it would not be a problem for me on my boat, but don’t think it would be the unity a boat requires , it wouldn’t be.

Hotbunking in case you don’t know is the sharing of the same bunk( no fool not at the same time) between shipmates a sometime common occurence on submarines.  With woman on board it brings hotbunking to a whole new level.

Don’t think the wives don’t come in to play here big time.  I was operating at a Hydro plant when the first female operator came on board.  It didn’t help any that she was a knockout.  The wives went berserk, they all assumed we all were familiar with her.  NO not even that kind , but just talking to her was a bad as cheating to some.  We all caught flac over her even if it was undeserved and we were doing only eight hours together. Imagine what thoughts  a 77 day patrol would do to the wifes serinity.   It’s hard enough being a Sub sailors wife without these added worries.  Patrols sometimes can be longer I did 121 days once and that didn’t count a 30 day upkeep in Scotland.

Why do you think the Navy wouldn’t let the reported interview sailors at Kings Bay.  First off they wouldn’t like the answers they gave.  The wives would give the CO such a headache he would veto the project for his safety.

Will it happen , God I hope not.  SAFETY FIRST!

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  1. Junior Says:

    You can’t blame the girls for wanting to be on submarines. After all, they’re long and skinny and full of seamen.

  2. Jon M Barker Says:

    Tiger Your definetly right on this ‘un! Women were integrated into various duties while I was in charge of Navy Tugs. It was really to heavy work for most females, but some did well.
    I, however, spent a bit of time involved in soap opera scenes with unhappy wifes, sex harassment and all. Most days were just am to pm. It would’ve been a total mess with 24 hour days.
    Makes the Budda blush!!
    Mike B

  3. heidi Says:

    It takes someone who’s lived it to give good insight. I did not take Grey Wolf’s article or Jon’s comment as sexist. Just honest about how life really is. I did not care for Junior’s comment.

    All good things!

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