Remember in “Dr. Strangelove” the dude who rode the nuke bomb to his end?  There ya go, that’s the job I want for Mr. Bolton.  In a speech to a young Nazis (oops I mean young republicans) in Chicago he once again called for the nuking of Iran either by Israel and or the US.  Now this nutjob in his quest to end nuclear proliferation wants to start a nuclear WWIII.   OH CRAP, he might be right if we started an all out  nuclear war it would mean the end of proliferation and by the way the probable end of the world.

Bolton is not alone in his 1st strike use of  Nukes , he is joined by the whole neocon crowd in their 1st use capability. In this piece I posted the other day James Kunstler lays out the probable scenario for a Middle East blow up and a 3rd world war. The neocons are all for this and one has to wonder if it’s not their dream of Armageddon driving their death wish.  What the neocon’s need is a “Martin Luther King” speech taking them to the mountain top and it just happens to be a mountain top mining site in Virginia.  Ok , so that’s cruel.  Yeah So What?

Note the sponsorship for this Bolton speech the ” Chicago Friends of Israel”  For a country whose motto is “Never Again”  why are they and all their US operatives trying to end the world?  I don’t get it.  I know this for sure I am as embarrassed by the brutality of Israel as I am of  the torturing of POW by the US.  The bully on the playground actions of the US and Israel must come to an end they will destroy us all if they pull the nuclear trigger.

The little bearded dude leading Iran doesn’t have the switch to fire the nukes if and when they have them that power lies with the Ayatollah.   Didn’t we just buy this “They have weapons of mass destruction” a few short years ago”?  Are we going to buy it again , the polls seem to indicate the masses do support it.

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