Too be honest I can be had but the price is higher than $250.(aged meat is always worth more)  The President and Congress are pushing to give us seniors another $250 one time payment because were not going to get a raise because the CPI is negative this year I don’t want it. Sure I could spend it on junk I shouldn’t buy anyway but the $14 billion it will cost can be better used to help the jobless, the hungry, the homeless etc.  Some seniors need it , no doubt and I have no problem coming up with a modified program but any senior who has a tax return over 40K shouldn’t get it.  The 40 is an arbitrary number and could be changed.  I’m telling you flat our I make more than 50K and I shouldn’t get it.  But if I do , I will donate it to some worthy causes, that’s what we did last time and we will do it again.

Do I have company in thinking this way? Sure I do:

Gerald Celente thinks this way

I am a believer in ‘LIVE WITH THE CPI , DIE WITH THE CPI” every one of my retirements is based on the CPI and I can live with that.  Ask me if I would rather have a real CPI than the phony one they cooked up, OH you betcha, I’d be one rich turkey, SS for instance would be twice as high as it is now.



If  CPI was an accurate measure of inflation the last chart shows what we should be getting up or down, no special favours, just honesty in numbers.

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  1. Larry J Says:

    That is great way to help the economy and non-profits.
    I do know seniors who really do need the money and that would be a great way to allot the money according to the real needs.

    Since we don’t get social security, I have to make my donations from my retirement.

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