Especially when you add it on the back of a 79.  Premier Bank sent out this credit card offer for a card with a 79.9 % interest rate.  This bank specializes in less credit worthy customers!  Is that the same as being a scavenger , you eat only the things that are down and out.  The claim that this is all legal as rates are set by the state goes far from making this a good deal.  It the same argument used to justify Pay Day Loan Sharks, “Why where would these poor folk go if it wasn’t for us”.  Same damn place, to the poor house, but their way you get harassed first.

Just one more examples of how the Power that be are backing us into a corner.  I suggest they should watch a few more wildlife films and understand what happens when you back an animal into a corner.  There aren’t many more steps backwards for a lot of folk and they have damn few options. Why would any government allow this kind of thievery to exist?

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