Watching the Daily Show on the 14th his guest Barbara Ehrenreich author of Bright-sided believes that The Positive Thinking Cult and that’s exactly what it is claims it has been harmful to us and the country.  Here’s a link to a take on her book and a NPR take with excerpts.

For those of you with memories of the 70’s will remember a Cult leader Werner Erhard of est fame a really hot ticket item throughout the world.  Several of the folks I worked with took the course and when they came home and explained what went on and how wonderful it made them feel.  So when asked what went on they would excitedly say well they locked us down in this room for all day nothing to eat, they yelled and screamed at us, wouldn’t let us go to the bathroom and many other demeaning things.  Of course my negative thinking butt screamed this is a bunch of bullshit (always negative , that’s me)  but of course this was pure bullshit.  They were screamed at and screamed at till they all agreed “I’ve Got It” .  They never knew what the hell they got, but they got it none the less.

Recently in  a highly  negative post on the economy and on Obama’s handling of it it was suggested that I should employ more positive thinking to my thought process.  So humbly I sulked away, and considered his suggestion.

The following is a conversation  with myself.

If I had thought positive during the Real Estate run up I would have believed the hype of the time that Real Estate prices would never fall.  I listened at the time and of course screamed bullshit they will fall and soon because the banksters had invented mortgages that they know would fail and there were a lot of them.  Many an argument with friends on my position, I just wasn’t thinking positive.  They were right I was just thinking.

If I had thought positive about derivatives I would have believed the hype that they created a more stable market.  I had trouble with thinking positive on these time bombs, the amount of them out there and a huge pile of them were mortgage related on mortgages they either knew about or believed the ratings companies who lied their asses off about the quality of the mortgages they were rating. But once again I just thought about the facts involved here and once again I could see the end result.  Crash!

I could have thought positive about the dangers of Iraq, but the facts just didn’t add up.  It was obvious they were lying from the very start.  But all the Positive Thinkers out there said you were unpatriotic if you thought your government was lying to you.  They were and are still.

I could have thought positive that what we were doing to prisoners of war was not torture and that the Justice departments reading of the law that said it was legal to do these things for a lot of left field reasons was honest.  Once again I can read and did, it was torture in every document concerning war except of course OUR JUSTICE DEPARTMENT!  Being a career military type it shamed me to see my country violate what the troops of my time depended on countries to follow if we were captured.   Positive Thinkers said I know my country would not torture “We are America”  I SCREAMED STOP THIS SHIT!

Now it’s time for a little up to date testing:

Let’s apply a little positive thinking to Afghanistan.  The Generals and the warmongering neocons want more troop (500,000) is the top number estimated to be what is needed to hold the country.  100,000 Americans and 400,000 Nato troops.  Positive thinkers say OH hell yes all we need is more troops “YES WE CAN’  Us negative thinkers look at history and ask a simple question “HAVE THEY EVER BEEN BEATEN” the anser is Hell no, never.  More troops “Are you out of your mind”  Yes is the obvious answer Oh I Forgot they are positive thinkers.

One more thing.  According to lots of learned men we are in recovery, All the Positive Thinkers say so.  Us negative thinkers say let me go look at the charts.  The only possible reason for them to see a recovery is when they printed the graphs their color printer was out of ink and turned all that burnt grass color to green.

Being a totally negative thinker gets you in a lot of trouble, because folks get tired of hearing I don’t believe that Prove it to me as bothersome, they might miss an episode of Dancing with the Stars.

I’ll leave you with a simple thought if your a negative thinker the worst thing that can happen to you is your prepared for the worst and if it doesn’t happen then you can always give your stores to the soup kitchens.  If on the other hand you suffer from “IRRATIONAL EXUBERANCE”  your ass is grass.

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  1. heidi Says:

    Loved this post. Exactly what I have experienced in talking with a lot of people. It has not convinced me to stop thinking and examining the facts.

  2. Junior Says:

    Ayn Rand is a character in a William Vollman novel.

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