Pat Buchanan has once again run his mouth off against blacks.  Here’s the link to his story.  I guess the anti Mexican rant has run out of steam and now’s Pat’s back to picking on the blacks.  I know for sure if I was black I would be grateful that my ancestors came to America (those who made it) in the belly of a slave ship, he says I should be.  He goes on to say incredible things about the blacks in America that I’ll let you read them yourself.

I’ll leave you with a question that is burning in my guts for a couple of years now.  What will Pat say about the poor white folks who are now becoming ghetto dwellers because of his rich republican friends stealing all they had, reduced their wages, took away their retirement, took away their health care and above all else took their dignity.

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  1. Junior Says:

    I will not be too surprised if I hear Pat dies this coming week. This sounds like a death bed confession to me. A brilliant man, whose mind was twisted by Catholicism. Just like Bob Novak. Secret handshakes and all that shit.

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