Let’s investigate these two jobs.  The pilot works long hours and is away from home alot.  The salary could be as low as $17000/year.  The pizza delivery boy makes more money , is home more often, and works as many hours as he wants.  NO pilot wants his children to be pilots , a once well paid , proud profession has been reduced to pizza delivery status.  Capt Sulli, of watch me land this hog in the Hudson fame , testified before congress that his salary had been cut by 40% and his retirement destroyed. A story repeated over and ove again as blue collar craft jobs have been shipped to lower wage countries.

The one thing difficult for me to understand is that a lot of job like pilot were union members, why did they not just in mass walk off the job , all hands, no exceptions.   They could have seen to it that no pilot would walk across the picket lines with whatever means necessary.  No company  , particularly airlines could take a complete shutdown for long.  Why was this not done?  Is my big question.

Michael Moore was on a plane recently and a stewardess handed him a note from the pilot asking him to come to the cockpit after they landed.  What they wanted was to show him letters from their company and to tell them of their plight.  Mike said he already knew about it and their story had a big part in his new movie “Capitalism , A love story”  had they heard it was.  Of course they hadn’t because MSM has featured Mike and not in a good light. So  there is the best reason to see his latest movie.

A story repeated way too often in the USA today.  For 30 years our politicians and our companies have been bent on destroying the middle class and removing most means of supporting that life style.  They have been pretty successful at this and are about to achieve their goals.  They have destroyed regulation of financial markets and built financial time bombs that have been blowing up for years , building up to the final boom which we are about to see.

It’s not new , it’s all happened before, with the same results.  The problem is different this time.  We face critical shortages in most raw materials and particularly oil. With that black gold being severely limited in the near future  a recovery to our old level of life style will be impossible.  There are a lot of changes we will have to make but the timing is not too bad.  A lot of us still have the skills of old time crafts , we will teach those who can’t , we will continue , just on a different level..  It won’t be all that bad.  No Twitter, NO Facebook, NO TV, NO cellphones  .  I can live with that.

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  1. heidi Says:

    I remember well Reagan breaking the pilot’s union. The perception of pilots then was they were arrogant and overpaid. I fault the people in general for not supporting them when they needed us.

    No twitter , no facebook. Yeah I can live with that too :).I really enjoy your looking BEYOND the crisis. Acknowledging BIG changes but we still have a future.


    • thegreytiger Says:

      Glad you like my drivel and thanks for sending the comments, as you can see the blog doesn’t get enough comments. If you would like I can put you on the list that I use to notify my fans that a new post has been put up.. let me know. off to see the new doctor , looking for one who actually knows something.. cheers, Bob

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