I’ve been picking on the lame brain excuses for the education process in the US for a few posts lately and I thought I was done , but then this little story.  When asked to define interest rates, inflation and risk diversification less than a third could.  These were college graduates.  I think it proves my argument that hours in the classroom will not solve the education problem.  It’s the idiots that lay out the curriculum that are the problem.. I’ve argued since the early seventies that they started dumbing down our kids by reinventing subjects like math, reading and more.  What do kids lack the skills in today (oh I’ll bet it’s reading and math)  .

Now when tested on basic economic skills they fail miserably.  Now that should not surprise us because the economic whizzes running the country and our investment houses have demonstrated of late that they are themselves dumber than a post.  These poor kids didn’t stand a chance of understanding the basic the textbooks might have been written by Alan Greenspan or some of his clones and you know they were purged by the Texas book burners before they were distributed.  Don’t blame the kids, blame the Administrators.

Take this basic 10 question quiz

OK , truthfully now how did you do.   Enter your results in the poll below. 

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  1. Junior Says:

    You have to read Murry Rothbard’s “Case Against the Fed.”

  2. Larry J Says:

    I got a 10, but this was too easy.

  3. eds Says:

    i got a square root of the quantity 2 to the power of 8 – 156. Mind your order of operations now.

  4. Junior Says:

    I got 9 out of 10. Thought maybe corporate bonds had a higher rate of return over the long term.

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