Several big bank economists have just discovered we have lost tons of jobs and from the way they talk they seem to think it’s all because of this downturn.  I got news for you all, the jobs have been going for 30 years ever since the right wing, bible thumping , free market idiot Ronald Regan started the free market rush to destruction.  What in the hell did they think was happening when factory after factory was closed and just as fast a Walmart opened on your block selling all the cheap Chinese junk that we rushed to buy.  The more we bought , the more jobs that disappeared and down , down , down we spiraled.  The only possible explanation for their shortsightedness is they have been a weed haze for the past 30 years and it must have been good shit.

Well welcome to the real world boys.  Now that your awake, look around, your houses are crumbling  down around you.  When all those derivatives packages you have been building with your fancy math programs are blowing up and your  going to be out of work , your companies out of business .  I would not recommend telling the folks in the bread line what you use to do for a living, it could get ugly.


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