OBAMA CANCELS CHILDHOOD.  All kids will now be born at 30 years of age so they can jump out there and get their share of jobs at Walmart.  The prez says our kids need to go to school longer each day with little or no summer vacation because other countries children go to school more than ours do.  We need to have more kids college eligible for what I’m not sure.  In the past 30 years you have seen the work place demolished by these Free Market Freaks, kids and seasoned workers alike have seen their jobs shipped overseas . Why ? is it because they are smarter, or work harder, hell no , it’s because they work cheaper.

I’ve thought lately that maybe the kids today are smarter than we give them credit for, they can’t see the benefit of busting their asses thru 12 or 16 years of school to get what a job at Burger King.  The county where I live the median wage is $9.86 and falling , unemployment is 25%. The kids see their dad and then their mom lose their job, they see the food stamps roll in, the unemployment checks arrive in the mail and they say I should bust my ass ?  FOR WHAT.

In days of old , we had longer summer vacations, we didn’t have 4 hours of homework per night but yet we were number one in the world in a lot of things.  What happened?  My opinion is not very popular and based on what I saw happening when my sons were in the system.  Every damn year there was this new program or that new program and each year the test scores went down for most.  The kids didn’t get dumbed down in a year.  Do you think perhaps that the new systems sucked.  You bet your ass they did.  I remember when they were pushing the New Math, I went to hear their explanation of how it would work, the digital age was upon us.  Come to think of it they might have been right a lot of things today are either 0 or 1 and it appears in your checkbook.  It might have been new, but it certainly wasn’t preparing the kids for the practical math they would need for everyday living.  It was bullshit and they should have know better.  Talk to any teacher today and they will tell you the kids can’t read and won’t no matter how hard they try.  Gee do you think it could be because back in the 60’s the New Reading made it damn  painful that they stopped reading.

Most good teachers put many more hours at their jobs then they get paid for and on a daily basis they put up with the bullshit put out by school administrators(YOU KNOW SHIT LIKE NO MORE CUPCAKES) and believe me that’s probably the best idea they have had this year.  It should tell you what is wrong with the system.  Them that can’t teach Administrate and it shows.  Please remember when you hear the PTB (powers that be)push Pay for Performance that performance will be judged by folks who wouldn’t know performance if it hit them in the ass.  Guess what , there are way too many of these Administrators to boot.

Now in closing , if the goal is that our kids should get what other countries get for their kids that should include Free Medical Care, Free Education thru College, properly equipped and funded schools , you know all the things all these other kids have already.

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  1. Junior Says:

    No cupcakes? NO CUPCAKES?!!!

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