There’s dumb and then there’s the dumbest shit I’ve heard in years. In at least 5 states cupcakes have been banned at school parties because they contribute to the obesity problem we have.  It couldn’t be the pizza, Big Macs, Taco’s, Tater Tots, Chicken Nuggets they serve for lunch.  No , it’s gotta be the cupcakes.  The folks in charge of educating are children suggest they bring plates of carrots and celery (shit , I suppose no dip allowed) to the parties.  If there ever was a reason to play hookey here it is.  I’d skip out to the local Dairy Queen for a milk shake and a 3 scoop sundae and perhaps I’d waddle back to class in a week or two.

What in the hell is a world without cup cakes, Prison!

Calories aren’t a bad thing if you work them off, but your not going to do it sitting in front of a computer, or Tweeting your way to oblivion.  A simple question to ask these brain dead butt heads is where were they when school districts sold their souls to Coke and Pepsi for a few bucks to put their death dealing machines in the schools.  Same place they were when they closed the kitchens in most schools and started trucking in meals from a central location.  Hence you get the kind of food mentioned previously because it ships well.

Instead of doing their job it’s a lot easier to “BAN CUPCAKES” it’s the source of all these little fat brats.

I would suggest that it’s ‘BRAIN DEAD ADMINISTRATORS” that are the major cause of our problems.


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  1. Junior Says:

    No cupcakes? NO CUPCAKES?!!!

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