Here we go again the right wing crazies are frothing up the seas with more of their bullshit about Iran.  Now they are saying We should bomb Iran instead of Israel because it would be really bad for Israel.  Well no shit cuzz, and you think it won’t be bad if we do it?  Not only do they want to take out Iran’s nuke capability they want to level the country and destroy everything.

Even the IAEA (by leak of course) now says Iran has the capability of building a bomb.  Don’t know about you but I’m not backing any bombing of anybody on leaked data.  I want them to show me theirs and I’ll show them mine, if we buy into another war on faked evidence then shame on us.  Apparently the crazies are ready to do it now, they sure as hell want to go to heaven and fast.

So I beg you to fall now on your knees and pray to whoever you pray to and  ask him/her/it to Rapture these creeps to somewhere preferably to deep outer space where even their God can’t find them.(not that he would bother looking)


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