We are saved.  Rupert and his henchmen have started a new web site THE FOX NATION.  Just made my job easier, now I only have to go to one site to see all their crazy bullshit.  You can probably save a lot of time too , because if it is on this site you won’t have to go far to find out it is total crap.

On top of that other wings of the Rupert Murdoch  brown shirts have asked their readers to research the names that were supposedly involved in a conference call on National Endowment for the Arts.  They want the readers to research the name and dig up all the dirt they can on these folks and report back to THEIR FUHRER on the activities of these nasty folks.

I have but one question!  Don’t these folks ever do their laundry.  Same ole dirty crap , cycle after cycle.  Hell it ain’t even fun any more waiting for them to come up with something new.  God, Abortion, Gays, Guns, Arts.

GAGGA what happens to you if you read their crap.  Where in hell is the Rapture when you need it.   Come on God you can do better than this, come get these douche bags.

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