We can argue till were blue in the face the in and outs of health care reform as I have done on this blog for months .  There is nothing left to say but there is one display left to show you.  The cost savings of doing something is displayed by the Center for Economic Policy Reasearch Health Care Budget Calculator .  The beginning graph shows where health care costs will go if we do nothing (yellow line) where it will go if we select a low cost method for health care (blue line) now select Canada a red line will appear on the graph showing health care costs decreasing over time to an actual budget surplus by 2080 using a Canadian style system.  Now even a dumb shit can see doing damn near anything other than what we are doing is probably the only way to bring the country back to fiscal solvency.    Of course I know that doesn’t matter to some they have their principles , unfortunately they originate in their butt.

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