In the last post I mentioned that some of the Future Forecaster I follow have been predicting violence in the streets and some have said we are in for a  Second American Revolution.  Listen to Fox News Judge Napolitano interview Gerald Celente on of my Future Forecasters.

The judge rips off a string of Even thoughs that the Bush Administration left us with he makes that Obama has continued most of these programs.  Celente and the Judge hang the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations with the same rope and they are not wrong.

The important thing about this interview is that Celente lays out where we have been and where we are headed in the clearest voice I have ever heard.  He calls our present congress a Two Headed Snake and that describes it to a tea party (pun intended).  It’s plain to any that are paying attention they don’t even know were out here and who can blame them , there’s so much money to be banked they don’t have time for us.  Oh sure, were made to feel good because we can send email and make phone calls to them as a means of getting our voices heard. What they have not told you is the email machines go straight to the shitcan and the phone calls are answered by the drive through fast food folks in their spare time.

Celente says we are already in the beginning stages of the Second American Revolution and sites the Tea Bag events as evidence , which I am not ready to admit were a grassroot movement (they were funded and drives by the right wing money)  .  I do however believe they have woken the sleeping giant and have in fact started somehthing they cannot control.  They will be eaten by the Mongoose of Common Sense in the end.

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  1. Larry J Says:

    So, could I say you won’t be investing in the Stock Market anytime soon? Well, I haven’t either, but I sure wish I had in April, like I told myself I should.
    So, could I also say you believe the Free Masons will not save the Republic? They are everywhere, but maybe their time is over.

  2. Junior Says:

    Larry, you’re a jackass. I wish you had invested in the stock market, so you could lose it all when it collapses in the next several months. I’m sick of idiots who don’t know what the fuck is going on saying it’s a conspiracy theory when folks like the Tiger tell the truth. By the way, even if you invested in the stock market last March and tried to short the market, you couldn’t, because thanks to the Fed’s QE program (that stands for Quantative Easing, meaning, we’re dumping trillions of dollars down a sinkhole, even short sellers are screwed. You ought to study up on this stuff before you start messing with the Tiger.He’ll eat you alive, if the economy doesn’t first. Practice your secret handshakes, douche bag.

  3. Bob Scheide Says:

    No Larry , I will not be investing in the stock market anytime soon or ever probably. I don’t play the market I just study it that way my prejudices stay out of the mind game. I have always bee a technical market analyst since my mutual fund salesman days as I could never buy into anybody being able to forecast the well being of a company 5 days out much less 5 years , 10 yeats etc. The charts don’t lie and if your a good little boy and follow the rules you yourself make before you buy playing even in a rigged market can be done, but you have to pay attention every day.

    I don’t disagree with you that a market buy in the spring started to look attractive about then and soon thereafter it became obvious that the S & P was where the action was going to be so buying the S & P index would have been a good play. The play I would have made and still be in at this time with no reason to think I would have to sell for awhile is any gold fund. You would have come close to tripling your money in a year ending Sept. Or if you really had courage you could have bought some of the big banks who have had big runups but you have to have a sound heart and a quick sell mouse to play that game.

    Every Free Mason I have ever known worked out of a closet, show me their monetary clout and I might watch them a little closer. I’m more concerned with folks like the Bildenberg Group, Trilateral Commission, One World Order freaks, Corporations, Religions, and thousands more , Free Masons never have come to my mind. Have I missed something.

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