I have a dilemma.  I don’t believe in a God, so how do I pray for the Rapture to come tomorrow.  I would like to live in a world without these Cracker Bastards, so to make us all happy how about rapturing those crazies bastards off my planet.  No Goddamn it I don’t owe them freedom of speech, they won’t give me mine , so were now playing tit for tat.  I have the easier job, they have to lie, make up stuff, hide behind their Astroturf organizations and line us up one against the other. I just have to tell the truth.

Don’t be mistaken , this is the same group of organizations that gave us Ronald Regan, Bill Clinton, and GW Bush.  The very same funded by the same rich pricks who want to destroy us and have their nice little Theocratic Dictatorship.  You think the Taliban are bad, give these loony the absolute power they want and the Taliban will look like Gandhi.

So you think the Tiger has tripped off the line again well check out these two sites.

WHY SHOULD GOD BLESS AMERICA song and lyrics included.

THE LINE UP OF BULLSHIT SLINGERS AND AMERICA HATERS CONFERENCE. Check out the line up of confirmed speakers and you’ll see the same turds that brought you to the Second Great Depression.  I actually  listened to about an hour of their meeting today on CSPAN radio (too painful to watch on TV)  .  It cost me three windows, two radios, several broken knuckles from hitting things (a little over the edge ) Seriously though it was very,very stressful to listen to.  Even my dear wife who is a hell of a lot nicer than me was using some pretty strong words.

Don’t for a minute think these crazy bastards aren’t dangerous, they are extremely so.  Just remember same bible different color cover.  Led by the same scum buckets as last time.  Get your white horse saddled up (oh shit is that racist) and get ready to ride.  This time we have to stop them before they get going.

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