You have seen this mentioned several times in this blog coming from multi sources.  Celente renews his call that a revolution is coming and soon .  Plus he flats out tells you we are not in recovery , they are papering over the problem printing money as fast as they can.  Problem is , everybody in the world knows we are not in recovery. This is my opinion is what will finally trigger this revolution (whatever form it will take)(remember Gandhi and Martin Luther King did it with a non violent movement)  when the masses suddenly wake up and recognize what has been done to them , the country and by whom.



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  1. Junior Says:

    You can count me among those on the left who have become disenchanted with Obama. He has reneged on every campaign promise he ever made. The idea that he has to work within the system is ludicrous, since his whole campaign was about changing the system. And the thing about the medium to far left–Obama’s base–is that they’re not dumb asses like the teabaggers. When they turn, Celente’s revolution just may come to fruition.

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