We have heard this slogan before, started by 1st lady Nancy Regan in her war against drugs.  Little did she know at the time that it would turn into the single goal of her party.  The today Republicans today are the “JUST SAY NO PARTY’. They have blocked just about every piece of legislation put forth by this congress and their opposition to Health Care Reform has been embarrassing at best.

Mike Whitney suggests they just disband and go away , we won’t miss them.  But we know they won’t do that so why don’t we just say NO to each and every republican candidate in 2010.  I don’t care who you pick and might even suggest if you don’t have a good guy you want to save , pick one from one of the other parties, green, blue whatever.  Not many who are there now deserve to stay.  I will vote for anyone whose first  piece of legislation is to outlaw campaign contributions and lobbies.

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