Jesus turned water into wine , Richard Viguerie has turned the Holy Water movement into the Tea Party movement. What the religious right has failed to recognize is they have been discarded like a used condom.  Yet they show up for Tea Parties, hide their Medicare Cards and scream “We don’t want no stinking government health care.  Today, Viguerie has branched out, helping to build a broader coalition in the form of the Tea Party movement, which joins together the various interest groups of the right in the politics of resentment against the perceived loss of power by white men symbolized by the election of Barack Obama.  Same old familiar name are leading these Astroturf organizations to somehow regain power for their friends.  Doesn’t have a damn thing to do with religion, morals, health care or tea.

The Town Hall charades had a lot of people fooled , they thought they were real people acting on their own real feelings , acting out against the reform of healthcare.  One of the freaks injured at a THM didn’t have health insurance and went to “you got it the ER so you and I could pay for his repairs”.  Some were there simply because they were angry about their own plight, no job, no house, no healthcare, no prospect of getting any of that anytime soon.  The sad part is that is what the rich bastards had in mind from the beginning of their master plan to turn us into desperate peasants that would do anything for  bowl of oatmeal.

The interesting part of this story

is that Viguerie is encouraging these nutjobs to run their own candidates in 2010 against even Republicans that don’t toe the line with them, myself and others have said we might do the same thing against Democrats that are not voting with us.  Now that could lead to a 4 way race and that’s where it can get scary.  You could win the popular vote with 26% of the vote, could you get enough electoral votes to get the job.  It could end up being a very interesting even, not health but interesting.


Who is paying for the Left? Do they have a comparable organization?  Are they likely to get one?  The big question is “DO THEY EVEN WANT ONE”  From the looks of the namby pamby show they have put on since gaining control of  all branches of government one would suspect they are not even willing to try.  Gee , could that be because the same folks are paying the bills on both sides.

One thing is for sure , there will be more campaigns against any progressive legislation that comes up for debate and unless the democrats get tough , they will loose every one of the fights.

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