The kind practiced by the VA will do just fine , Thank You Very Much.  For an average cost of $5000 the Va provides full service care to its vets and that includes drugs.  The big change started in 94 when Kenneth W. Kizer. A former Navy diver, emergency medicine physician, and top health official in California, Kizer, 54, became the VA’s undersecretary for health  .  He took the Va from a reputation of not being very good to a integrated health care system that the troops universally sing praises about.  The main features of his plan was to cut half the hospital beds and in their place build 3000 clinics which bring care closer to those who needed it.  There were of course those who objected to cutting beds (the PVA) (paralyzed ) vets for one .  The program would appear to be successful in that troops I know have completely changed their opinion of the VA.  Another feature of the VA system is it OPEN SOURCE record keeping system used and improved by VA programmers to be a leading edge tool of good health care.  interesting enough in a conversation with my own GP one of his arguments against universal care was the $100,000 cost of a record keeping system.  Hey Doc it’s free, downloadable from the Internet.


So the bottom line are you going to allow your neighbor to go without health care just because someone might call our system Socialist.  OH  YEAH AND CUT 36% OF THE COST FROM THE GIT GO.   GROW UP.

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