Your mad, but it sure as hell isn’t over death panels, socialism, government run health care, abortion, gun control or any of the other popular talking points being screamed over the airways, townhall meetings or in marches in Washington.  In my opinion your mad because your finding it very difficult to make ends meet.  I will show you later in this post just why this is, but first a few examples of the thinking that shapes the rhetoric on the American work force.

Mike Shedlock an investment adviser has been on an anti-union kick of late and blames them for the disappearing manufacturing sector. He also is against raising tariffs on imports to protect American jobs. Read his stuff here and here.  And of course Fox News gets in on the act here.

Then ole Mish is amazed at a new government study that says workers have lost income in the last decade.

median income report 1

That’s right , a whopping 24% wage increase in 41 years.

Meantime what cost you $6371.44 in 1967 cost you $40300  in 2008.

What cost you $1 in 1967 now cost you $6.38

The Mean wage in 1967 was $19.33  and in 2008 it’s $24.18

Now some simple math tell you that your 2008 wage should be $122.41 for you to stay even with your 1967 standing.  or a very nice $254,000 bucks.

Now do you understand why your angry.  Still don’t get it, here’s some more.  Starting in 1970 when the Women’s Lib movement got underway and women were convinced they would be better off entering the work force things began to change.  A single wage and credit cards were no longer sufficient to keep up with debt so simply add the women to the work force, give her some credit cards and watch things roll.  This worked for awhile but then the outsourcing of manufacturing began, wages (especially for men) started to fall and before too long the family was back in trouble again.

They suddenly realized that they now needed two of everything  to support going to work.  The women ended up with two jobs or more because her family responsibilities didn’t go away.  If she was lucky her husband split the at home workload.  So here we are today, we have a high divorce rate, kids not doing well in school, parents frazzled from the workloads they are trying to carry and now since their wages have not kept up with costs they have high credit card debt , house mortgages they were lied into, government and those who have it made are pointing the finger at them for being dumb, or spend thirfts or worse.

So what your really mad at is you have woken up to the fact you have been getting screwed by your employer your government , your bank, your investment advisor who say it’s all your fault , your wages are too high, you spend too much, your too dumb, your  under trained and lots more.

The big question is: “What can I do about any of this”  and that’s the hard part , by yourself nothing.  Many future forecaster are predicting revolution (many kinds of it are suggested)  .  The old blood in the streets thing would be very hard to win (would be a way to get the troops back to the US) but more effective would be a tax revolt or simply stop spending on everything but essentials, mail your credit cards back to the bank, and mail the keys to your underwater house back to the bank.  They built this mess let them deal with it.  As soon as they can be convinced they don’t have the real power we win.

More info here and here at the bottom is the complete slide show

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