The President gave his long anticipated speech to both houses of Congress tonight and he once again gave a good speech.  Being neck deep in the Bat Crap of Congress didn’t make it easy.  Not many surprises in the speech and there were some proposals  in his paln that would be good for us, which almost guarantees they won’t be in the bill.  To leave insurance companies with essentially no competition except for a very weak public option left damn little for the presently uninsured to be happy about.  It sounded to me as if the penalties for not buying insurance got the green light from the President an absurd proposal (if not insane) the poor working dude can barely afford food, now they want to impose a fine on them for not buying into their stupid plan.  The biggest applause of the night came for a promise of tort reform, you would never believe that law suits are less than 1% of the total bill. All in all seeing the response of the right wing not much of the good stuff will end up in the final bill.  Were all going to end up neck deep in Bat Crap so please don’t make any waves.  Save it up for a tsunami to come.

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