Only a handful of Congressman have avoided the Bat Crap Crazy disease sweeping through the halls on the hill.  Needent think it only affects the right wing it appears as if they all got it, with the exception of Kucinich, Weiner, and Sanders they all are out of their heads.  They swarm like horse flys ( sorry horeseflys) around the pile of horseshit money the lobbies are throwing around the halls.  Now Senator Bacus is proposing fines up to $3800 dollars on people who don’t buy into his plan (if we only knew what was in it) .  This is as crazy as it gets and he is considered a moderate Democrat!  Holy shit batman we need to flush all but a few of these folks out of power.

The crapola from the right from Town Hall Panic , to death panels, to socialist , to no government run health care ( and you better leave my Medicare alone crazies out there apparently winning the day as the latest polls show a near split of the electorate on health care reform.

I’ve seen Chinese fire drills more organized (apologies to all Chinese) than the Democrats on this bill particularly but overall they have looked very weak.


Take a look at this budget that is fully half of all wage owners in the US , notice please that there are no health care payments listed as the insurance is assumed to be by the employer.  Not many pay no fee for their employer-provided health care.  While the critics of this budget think too much is allowed for rent other things are understated by a bunch to make up the difference.  The point is that there is no room for fines for not having insurance in this budget.

You could provide Medicare for all with full health coverage, drugs , dental and eyes for around $3800 .

So “BAT CRAP CRAZY ” (borrowed from Keth Oblermann) is what they are

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