There is no end to corporate arrogance.  They derivativzed your mortgage and busted the real estate value, they did your credit card debt too and are about to bust your credit.  Now they are going to derivatize your life.  Yep, they are going to offer you cash for your life insurance policy and sell it as as a derivative package to investors who will then pay the premiums and will profit from your death.  The only way you can win is to live a lot longer than they think you will.

Talk about death panels, I’m not exactly sure what to call this scheme?  I do know what to call those that deal these investments.  Evil SOB’s.  Just imagine them sitting around their investments palors rooting for  the Tiger to die today because we will make a lot of money if he does.  Why hell, one can even imagine them buying some doctors to make it happen a little quicker, they buy congressmen don’t they and what group cries loudest about not making enough money DOCTORS.  Don’t tell me it’s not possible.  Hell they own the insurance companies and we know they already run death panels, simmple matter to  JUST SAY NO to treatment and let us die.


Just in case you might think I’m being paranoid READ THIS ARTICLE makes me look like a pusscat.

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