It’s bought and paid for speech in a great number of cases it’s our money that’s buying this propaganda.  Think the current health care debate, where do you suppose the money is coming from to run the TV, radio and newspaper add against any meaningful  reform of the health care system.  You can see by reading Matt Taibbi’s article I posted yesterday our Congressmen are bought and paid for and will finally be decided by as little as six senators.

Wednesday the Supreme Court will on request of Chief Justice Roberts to rule that there are no limits on corporate money they can buy any and all adds, congressmen , presidents of whoever is necessay to buy and it’s all legal.  Here’s the story looking at the case.

Am I saying that there is some speech I don’t think should be free.  Yep that’s what I’m saying and I know some of you progressives out there will think I’m nuts.  I’ll ask you a simple question “Would you buy an axe for a known axe killer”  I don’t think so, then why in the hell would you be for giving corporations the right to do and say anything to foster their profits.  Are you nuts??

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