Where are Pete Seegar and Peter, Paul and Mary when you need them?   Here we go again a repeat of Nam that makes just as much sense.  Oh yeah I know the terrorists live there (use to ) is the operative word.  The real reason Caspian Sea oil and gas.  There is absolutely no reason to continue this insane pursuit of an unwinable goal.  When you count the contractor forces we have as many as the Russians had in their 10 year conflict in Afghanistan.  The cost of our troops life and limb is a sacrifice we don’t have to tolerate.  We have been there 8 long years and even our Generals are saying we can’t win this.

They suggest we have to switch strategy once again to win hearts and minds as the goal.  So we send in more drones and blow the shit out of a bunch of civilians time after time.  Picture this, a father or mother holding their dead child that has just been blown to bits by a drone who had painted him a Taliban from some nice air conditioned trailer somewhere in the US.

We need to get out of Afghanistan NOW. Not ten days or ten years , now.  Why do we continue to buy into this nonsense.  Yeah I know this is an all volunteer army.  Wanna talk to all those they won’t let out even though their contract has expired years ago.  Time to go Mr. President , not time to commit more troops.



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