California Nurses Association study first half of 2009 of denial of service leading California Insurance Co. denial of service to it’s existing customer base.  READ IT HERE

The bottom line is quite simple the leading 5  companies deny as high as 39% of claims and the lowest rate of the five is 29%.  The Conservative talk about not wanting someone between their doctor and them particularly the government.  Now I don’t know about you but what in the hell do they call the denial of service rates of the leading companies in California.  My own experience with Medicare as my leading provider is a zero turn down rate and that includes some high price surgery.

So the next time any conservative talk their bullshit to you about healthcare lay the numbers in this report on them.  Wanna solve the problem have Medicare for all even if it cost what it costs Medicare to service a senior $7800/year or $650 a month (it would be much less if everybody was in the system) with some subsidies for low wage workers this problem would be over.  If conservatives don’t want in let them understand there would be no coverage except out of their pocket, so give them choice, wanna bet how many opt in?

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