Watch this discussion on Bill Moyers Journal between Trevor Potter and Floyd Abrams.  Damn I do  get conflicted when they attach Free Speech to corporations.  This topic is coming up this fall in the Supreme Court by request of Chief Justice Roberts ( now why do I automatically think this smells) could it be because Roberts made his very nice living arguing that corporations are persons with the same  rights.

Abrams even though he has a reputation as a very liberal lawyer, I’ll be damned if it sounds like it in this debate.  To sit there and say he sees no evidence that corporations have no influence in law making indicates he is either blind or stupid.  He believes there should be no limits on corporate contributions to politicans (show me where there actually are now)  They use astroturf organizations to hide their involvement in campaigs aginst singular laws, or initiatives they oppose.  Think this Health Care debate we are currently in or closer to home the Prop 8 battle funded by the Mormon Church thru closet organiztions to defeat the initiative as prime examples of their illegal involvement.

Corporations are not persons (the Supremes never did say that) some law clerk in writing a decision inserted it into the write up even though it wasn’t in the decison and it’s been considered law ever since.

If Walmart is a person then I am a Turkey Buzzard.  They can have PAC’s but they should not be able to run campaigns with corporate cash withour going to their shareholders for permission.  Union allow their members to opt out of using their dues for political purpose.

Bottom line for me: keep your corporate money in your pants.  Make lobbying illegal, make campaign contributions illegal , make corporate taxes higher than individuals, make them actually pay a tax, if they move off shore put tariffs on their products brought into the country.  In other words it’s time for them to become American or get the hell out entirely.  They have bought our country , we are neither republicans or democrats we are Corporatists.  I don’t like it one Damn bit.

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  1. Junior Says:

    This is a democracy. We can take take everything back with our votes, if enough people get the message. The public could overturn privatization in 10 years, if we all got together.

    If enough people don’t get the message, I’m watching this really cool caveman movie on the Spanish channel where the caveman has staked his claim around the water hole with the rest of the animals.

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