Jesus Jumping Christ, it’s bad enough we have to have Tweets inserted and or read on the News Networks now according to reports mentioned on Urban Survival today Fox is going to insert Tweet commentary on their re-run shows.  Lord love a duck the shows were bad to begin with.  Maybe those who gave up TV years ago were prescient or just damn lucky.  Between 10 commercials every 10 minutes , Tweets, and reruns it definitely makes it easier to turn it off.

So where do you go for your daily input of stuff.  If your in the boondocks like me you really are limited by your pocketbook, our local radio  is all right wing wackos and very bad music.  So that leaves me good ole XM radio, podcasts and the Internet.  Not a big deal to me since I get more info from those sources than the TV.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget Netflix (more money) but the comericals   are only at the beginning and our previews of coming movies.   If you choose to go non electronic you could always read a book (more money) our local library is lacking also.

I’ve had the feeling of late that folks today don’t like to have time to think.  They must have one of the following, ear buds in listening to their Ipod, their cell phone to their ears, their fingers Tweeting away or text messaging, their blue tooth stuck in their ear chatting away generally about nothing I want to hear, reading Face Book stuff that seldon is important, Twittering 140 characters of nonsense to news shows (to accomolish what I don’t know) and probably don’t want to know.  Meantime 40 minutes of what passes for news slips by and what do I know “Michael Jackson is still dead, and so is Teddy Kennedy, but not much of important stuff is mentioned.

We surely must have something better to do than this stuff.  Are we so desperate for social contact we are willing to call this Twittering “Social Contact”  or having 1000 Face Book friends “Social Contact”  .

Your reading this blog, which I’m sure some would consider a huge waste of time .  Maybe  so.

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